Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Many Townhomes Of Atlanta

 Atlanta Georgia has it share of Townhome Communities. Some are luxury properties, gated with amenities that include work our facilities and concierge service, while others can be more modest with easy access and care-free living with the HOA taking care of yard work etc.

Townhomes are defined as an attached home with one, two or 3 levels. There is usually always a Home Owners Association involved in a town home neighborhood. These usually cover general maintenance to the exterior, sometimes water, if if the entrance is gated, the cost of a person at the gate or the landscape etc to the entrance of the townhome community.

Here are a few resources to visit, in the price range you are looking,
Townhomes for sale in Atlanta GA.

Townhomes For Sale-Atlanta Georgia-$100's to $200,000
Townhomes For Sale-Atlanta Georgia-$200's to $300,000
Townhomes For Sale-Atlanta Georgia-$300's to $400,000
Townhomes For Sale-Atlanta Georgia-$400's to $500,000
Townhomes For Sale-Atlanta Georgia-$500's and over